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• Item ID#: M3-UTL-CAN

M3 Utility Worx Can - $54.99

Gas Can Info:



• Comes complete with transportation cap and 5" long extender hose spout with 1 - 1/8" plastic fill reducer with cap

• 3” extra wide fill cap or easy and quick filling

• Strategically placed side handle and special unique bottom handle for balance and easy handling

• Made from hi-quality HDPE plastic with heavy duty wall thickness

• Comes with a warranty against leaking or cracking

• Reinforced ribbed bottom for extra strength

• 4.0 gallon capacity makes the weight of the can easy to handle

• Utility Can includes an indent that allows the use of Matrix Concepts tie-downs to strap into place during transport

• Exclusive “name and number panels” give you the ability to personalize it, giving it the custom factory look


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